Nail Color of the Week: Sinful Colors 24/7 #920


For such a long time I was slightly frightened of any sort of neon nail polish. Most times when I saw people wearing it I just found it way too bright and over-the-top, and at times even distracting. But my mind is completely changed, to the point where I am now able to say: I LOVE NEON COLORS. Of course it gets a little out of control (still slightly awesome, however) with highlighter yellows and greens, but I can’t get enough of neon pinks, oranges, and purples. Especially since it’s summertime, I find myself wearing them all the time because they are just so summery and fun. I usually wear such bright colors on my toes to tone it down, but when I’m feeling extra brave, like today, I love taking a risk and wearing it on my nails! And in taking this risk what I’ve learned is this: neon, bright colors are absolutely nothing to fear! (Especially on your fingernails.) I’m sure there will be more blogging to come about many more neon shades, but right now the one I can’t get enough of is Sinful Colors #920, which honestly surprises me. I found this brand at Walgreens and I would first like to point out that they are $1.99! Is this real life?! I was originally drawn to this color due to the display that read ‘Fluorescent Colors’ with neon nail polish bottles placed neatly underneath. The green and the yellow were a little too much for me to handle at the time so I went with the pretty bright pink. It’s honestly one of my favorite summer shades I own because it’s just such a fun color. I wear it on my toes all the time, and I love wearing it on my fingernails because it just seems to make everything I wear POP. I want to make sure to mention, though, that since it is such a bright color, it comes out very dull, which is why you NEED to apply a top coat (my absolute favorite, as I’ve mentioned before, is Seche Vite). Also, on a slightly pathetic side note, it makes me look really tan even when I’m not. I’ve had at least 10 people compliment me on my imaginary tan whenever I wear this shade, and I love tricking people into thinking I look better than I actually do!! ;) Overall, I adore this color and all the false advertising it gives me! And at $1.99, how could you resist!?

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